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African American Keri Hilson Hairstyles 2012

The gorgeous R&B singer from Decatur, Georgia is known not only for her exceptional musical genius but also for her indomitable styles, both in fashion and hairstyles. She has been quite generous in offering Keri Hilson styling tips to women who have followed not only her music career but also her fantastic style changes over the years. For some of Keri Hilson styling tips, particularly in hairstyles, here is what she has shared.Keri Hilson, an American R&B and hip-hop songwriter and singer is making a lot of waves not only with her music but also with her inimitable fashion style. In such a time, she has established a name as Keri Hilson, a fashion & style icon because of her innovative approach to fashion and style that is being emulated by millions of young people around the world. In her choice of clothes and hairstyles, Keri is not averse to experimenting and stepping out of the box to come up with some very awesome looks.

Keri Hilson, a fashion and style icon, is famous for her short hair styled and colored in the most amazing styles and color. She rocks short hair with so much pizzazz making it her own personal style statement. Keri is often seen with amazing highlights and lowlights from gold, blonde or coppery red tones on her naturally dark hair. Asymmetrical bob – To achieve a sassy look, Hilson rocks an asymmetrical bob paired with side-swept bangs. To achieve the look, the hair is cut shorter on one side, almost reaching below the ear while the other side is longer reaching almost to the chin. The longer side and bangs are given a bold blond highlight and the side-swept bangs merge beautifully with the longer side. A Keri Hilson styling tip to maintain the beauty of this hairstyle and protect the hair is to sleep with a scarf wrapped around her head.Dark bob with blond tips – This hairstyle that Keri Hilson wore at the MTV Video Music Awards for 2008 is anther asymmetrical bob but a lot darker than her usual hair color. A Keri Hilson styling tip to achieve the bone-straight hairstyle is to apply a straightening cream while the hair is damp before given the hair a blow dry. The sleek look of this hairstyle is achieved with the use of a flat iron section by section once the hair is dry. Frizz is avoided by applying shine serum on the hair.Ducktail hairstyle – The ducktail hairstyle is one of Keri Hilson’s edgier hairstyles. This hairstyle has frontal bangs combed forward up to almost the eye level. Long wispy pieces of hair are given on both sides with one side combed behind the ear and the other close to the nape. A Keri Hilson styling tip to achieve this edgy hairstyle is to apply straightening cream and leave-on conditioner before it is blow dried and straightened with a flat iron. Pomade can also be applied on the longer wispy pieces to add more gloss to it

Not very many people know however, that Keri Hilson is a tomboy at heart. Her fashion is a mixture of mannish and feminine style mixed together to arrive at a look that is both edgy and fun. On her own admission, Keri Hilson, a fashion and style icon, loves Zac Posen and enjoys YSL. Her unique fashion style takes a lot of confidence and guts to carry off and this is what sets her apart from other fashion forward celebrities. The androgynous yet sexy look that she rocks is a fabulous contrast to the amazing hairstyles and hair colors that she is well known for. Liquid latex, prints, textures and denims are only some of the elements that you will find in Keri Hilson’s style choices. Her one other secret to her bold and eclectic fashion style is her ability to make an ugly and unprepossessing outfit look fashionable and stylish.Keri Hilson is a lot of things, a sensational performer, a prolific songwriter, a real fashion stunner and a true hairstyle maven. Keri Hilson hairstyles are always the talk of the town, Keri being audacious and daring when it comes to hairstyles. Curiously though, Keri Hilson numerous African American hairstyle changes don’t seem to include long hairstyles. She is the queen of short and medium length hairstyles in all shapes, colors and textures. She has tried the pixie, short bob, medium bob, angled bob, straight, curly, spiked, black, blonde, brown with blonde tips, name it and she’s had it, making her a true hairstyle trendsetter and icon for short and medium hairstyles. Here are some of the most dazzling Keri Hilson Hairstyles:

African American Trendy Long Hairstyles 2012

African American Trendy Ponytail Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2012. African American Medium height ponytail hairstyles for curly hair are the most common ponytail hairstyles being used by women. Hair smoothing is applied to the hair before being gathered into a ponytail. The ponytail is then set in the middle of the backside of your head and secured either with a fancy hair pin or a simple rubber band. For a more sophisticated touch, leave a section of your hair out from the ponytail and use this to wrap around the rubber band and fasten this securely with bobby pins.The ponytail is one of the most classic hairstyles that are worn by children, teenagers and adults alike. Worn low or high, the ponytail hairstyle has become a favorite because it is extremely easy to do and can complement casual and formal attires. The height of the different ponytail hairstyles for curly hair can change your look from a glamorous prom queen or a serious and clean-cut girl next door.Low ponytail hairstyles for curly hair are done for women with medium length curly hair. Placing the ponytail in the center of the nape, you can achieve a clean sweet look which can be accentuated by allowing strands of your curly hair to fall on the side of your face. If you have bangs or fringes, you can straighten this through the use of a hair relaxer and a flat iron to provide a contrast to your curly ponytail and minimize a high forehead if you have one. For formal events, simply move the ponytail towards the side of your nape and allow your hair to fall over your shoulders. Use a hair styling product that would help you define your curls before gathering it up into a ponytail. Accentuate this with flowers or fancy hair accessories for that romantic touch. Complete the look by allowing sections of curls on the side of your face..

Here are the best black buns 2012, you have to decide with type of hairstyle is best for you, messy or simple bun. We’ll start with one of the main trends in the updo for 2012, a version suitable for an urban chic look, which this year is found in the preferences stars walk the red carpet. Single buns are suitable for both straight hair, lacking volume and for curly hair, difficult to handle. In the first case, I recommend attention to achievement, as the best choice is a bun without stripes rebel caught in the head.For curly hair, things can be adjusted according to each one to keep control of curls, in this case being recommended messy buns and stripes rebel who makes that perfect blend of elegant and casual.Braided buns are very beautiful and the best choice for formal events in 2012.Very popular this year, weaving of any kind is a perfect choice to bring in buns value simple, romantic and feminine. If this trick is normally done by plaiting strands which eventually surround a bun, you are encouraged to be inventive and woven … whatever you want.If we refer to Chapter trends, in terms of buns for 2012, we have nothing to complain.If until now, used to bake for special occasions wear, know that this year, the bun was taken from the catalog of hairstyles and hairstyles wedding party and incorporated into the portfolio of simple styles, suitable for a urban chic look.Original function was preserved, however, different techniques and styles to complement the effect of assuming buns, suitable for any occasion.Thus, we propose an overview of the main types of buns in order to achieve the degree of difficulty and complexity of the hairstyle:

Black African American Hairstyles Pictures 2012

Black African American Hairstyles Pictures 2012.Celebrities with Afro hair. If you want to be a permanent trend, I suggest you borrow the style of Hollywood stars - have provided as inspiration latest hairstyles made ​​the short hair of your favorite divas.  Asymmetry is the hot trend of the moment, a detail that you can play to give a different picture of your hair, unless you take the length. Ask your stylist to transform your hair into a red carpet worthy, with a few minor adjustments!Loops have a charm that makes romantic look in a casual manner, whether they caught wearing a stylish hair or let it fall loose shoulders. But how you choose to wear curls will capture the essence of the look that aspire. Dropped hair cascading fitting image will seem twice as sensual curls worn. This 360-degree change when you choose to catch curls into a loose chignon at the base of the neck, 50s hairstyles or banana buns worn by our mothers were younger, after the permanent fashion. In these conditions, you go from casual to elegant in rebellious or just a few steps, explained at length in the following lines. Read on to learn how you can have and fascinating curls hairstyle with hair caught:

African-American women have their own unique type of hair and have to style this hair differently from other women. There are lots of styles to chose from, but any woman, when choosing a hairstyle, while think of comfort and manageability and also fashion. For African hair there are some basic hairstyles to choose from but also quite a few variations to these basic ones. However, for an African hairstyle, the first thing you should think about is if you’re going to go with natural hair, which in most cases of African hair is a frizzy curly look, or straight hair. If you go for straight hair, there are two options: chemicals or hair straighteners. If you go the chemical way, you will have to ask for a hair relaxing procedure. This will be done with chemicals that will straighten your hair with a permanent effect. You will have to redo this sort of therapy only when your roots grow out sufficiently to be noticed. However, if you use a hair straightener, you will have to redo everything every time you wash your hair. The advantage of the hair straightener route is that you can easily go from curly to straight hair and back only by washing your hair. A hairstyle that is very versatile is the bob hairstyle. This is not only a very popular haircut but it also fits African hair perfectly considering that it works great on either curly or straight hair. However, long hair does have more perks. Considering that African hair has some wonderful curls, long hair will make that asset more visible. And when you do decide to straighten your hair, for long straight hair there are numerous updos or variations of pony tails that can be worn on any occasion. However, for long African hair, there is also the option of hair braids, which while a little ethnic, will always be in style. Braids are a not that easy to achieve, it is a long process, but once done, they are fairly easy to take care of and look perfect every day.