African hairstyles - Keri Hilson Hairstyles 2009-2010

African hairstyles - Keri Hilson Hairstyles 2009-2010

Keri Hilson’s haircut is a hot and trendy hairstyle for young celebrities: it’s short, choppy styling and signature highlighting on her full fringe bang .Her hairstyle goes a long way to give the fans a great style to imitate. Full at the crown that is smothered in curls, the Keri Hilson haircut is distinctive with its razor sharp layers that taper the hair close to her head in the back and on the sides.

The layering technique is the key to success in duplicating the Keri Hilson haircut. Fortunately this style is so adaptable that it’s easy to wear and suits most face shapes beautifully. Hairstyles can be used to play up or play down your facial features and this one is no exception. Depending on the depth of the curls at the top of the head, this haircut can add length to a round face and flatter an oval shaped face just as easily.


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