Great African American Mohawk Hairstyles 2010

African Hair Styles brings you Great African American Mohawk Hairstyles 2010

A great and nice made Mohawk hairstyle can be very unique and fashionable hairstyle for black women and not only but is recommended because the hair texture of black women allow for the Mohawk to look great! A nice style Mohawk hairstyle need to  work the front part of the scalp over other parts.After one’s hair has been washed and towel dried it can be combed upward.After this steep you need to use a good hairspray that will work to set the hair in its place.  The Mohawk hairstyle for African American women should be created to match even-sized spikes or a pattern that will work from short to long and then back to short again. The hair can be blow dried after the sculpting wax or hairspray is used. The hair should be held up with the other hand during this part of the process.Checkout the pics with great African American Mohawk hairstyles from Rihanna and other black women:

 Great African American Mohawk Hairstyles 2010


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