Short African American Haircuts from Halle Berry 2011

African Hair Styles brings you Short African American Haircuts from Halle Berry 2011

Halle Berry, born August 14, 1966 at Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., she is an American actress and former fashion model.Lately, Halle Berry is best known for her popular best short haircuts trends .Short hairstyles is trendy in 2011 and are becoming more and more popular for many celebrities and regular women.If you have long hair now you know that you need more time for maintenance and if you can cut your hair to some nice short hairstyles you will love it soon.So now if you are decided to get some new short haircuts take a look at some of the more popular short hairstyles for 2011.Halle Berry has wavy hair, therefore she likes to wear her hair short or very short . In the past Halle used to wear very classy long straight hairstyles witch required a lot of maintenance but now , she wears some very sexy, messy hairstyle. This short pixie hairstyles are ideal for the wavy hair, because you can style it more easy and need less maintenance.Halle Berry is a very sexy and glamorous fashion icon in Hollywood witch allays love to absolutely in style and modern. Halle Berry has a wonderful taste in fashion and hairstyles , she has an ability of choosing the best hairdo to use to boost her selected outfit, for these a lot of celebs need a stylist.As you may know, these short haircuts provide a lot of advantages, first and most important when you get a new short hairstyle, immediately generate a new appearance.If you wish to imitate her hairdo, then you must have short hair and after that is not very hard to get these short pixie, messy and sexy hairstyles:
 Short African American Haircuts from Halle Berry 2011


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