Bundle for beautiful.

Seems is not difficult to make a ponytail. But will bundle a ponytail to beautiful have to use a few tricks. And here is how to bundle a simple ponytail.

Step 1 : Use the brush combs hair tangled. Then brush your hair look smooth sleek toward the back.
Step 2 : Perk face then gather the hair is ponytail. Leaning of the head toward the back will help to puffy beautiful to the hair.
Step 3 : When incorporated is Pony tail, hair Then eye level. Then strap tightly with a rubber band hair. May need bundle rubber hair three round to prevent sag ponytail hanging down.
Step 4 : If you have shorter hair in front. Do not try to gather it with ponytail in the back. But let it fall naturally looks more beautiful.
Step 5 : Divide ponytail into three equal parts. Then bending each of part to make curly hair and a sexy sway.

Try these simple steps and you will feel good in a ponytail.


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