How to use hair conditioner.

Hair conditioner is an important part of care and protection hair. Use hair conditioner every time after wash your hair is an important step. Because hair conditioner helps restore moisture back into hair and a healing fracture of the fiber to dry hair. With create thin armor flake off the hair. Prevent hair can be destroyed. Whether you want to have kind of hair. Use hair conditioner after every wash your hair. It is important that you choose hair conditioner to suit their own hair. Even normal hair which has healthy hair is already good. Should be used hair conditioner after wash your hair on a regular basis. To add protect the hair from pollution. On a daily basis hair has always been healthy.

How to use hair conditioner.
  • Should nourish the hair conditioner from the middle down to the end of hair. 
  • Using fingertips, massage hair conditioner through hair and leave for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then rinse with cold water since the the base to the end of the hair. This will help flake off the hair and retain the moisture inside.
  • But what does it do that should not nourish the hair at the scalp feared.
  • It will make scalp oil. Avoid massaging the scalp. Because hair conditioner is designed to nourish hair and not the scalp.
Hair care to make be healthier. It same taking care of body other parts. In addition to cleaning hair regularly then. Should regularly in steam bath and treatment 1-2 times per month. To stimulate blood flow to the scalp area. And maintenance. Hair deeply. It also gives your hair a rest. Avoid stress when we're stressed because may have hair loss followed. Your hair nutritional requirements to nourish from the inside. The food we eat affect our hair. Especially scalp is the organ that hair in place. Covering the root hair and nourish complete hair. Major nutrients. Valuable hair. Including Iodine such as algae, mussels, shrimp, pineapple and garlic, etc. Elemental silicon such as brown rice, rice red cabbage, cucumber, strawberry, asparagus, lettuce and elemental sulfur such as radishes, onions, shallots and apples, as well as the elements iron and manganese is the same.


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