Corn Rows Style

The popularity of the cornrow hair style has increased since the last decade. Cornrow hair style can make both women and men. It is very popular in the younger generation because of the reason why many celebrities and pop stars have hair cornrows.

Cornrows hair style is perfect for those with curly hair, very full. Keep your hair neat and becoming a splendid idea, and it is fashion for people who like the exotic and unique. But hairstyle straight it can be done as well. Cornrows are a braid the hairstyle stick scalp such as footballer and basketball player. Cornrow braid hair style, a small pipe attached to the scalp, sort of like a French braid.  It may take hours to do it. The result is a sleek, clean look. The first one to braid hair in a way that living in Africa with an area of ​​difference is a tradition that is associated with braids, for example, only women traditionally wear their hair in cornrows in Nigeria, while the warriors and the king put them in Ethiopia. He was brought to America by slaves, who still practice it as a way to hold onto their traditions. People often have this kind of hair style reggae and R & B.. Celebrities are known to have this hairstyle Allen Iverson and Sean Paul. 

It's a traditional art that anyone who has the patience can learn, Try to change yourself and try new things together.


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