Curly Hairstyles

The tips and care of curly hairstyles.

  • After curling, should not wash your hair immediately. Should you curl it before 2 days (48 hours), because if you wash your hair faster. May make that curling loosen easily.
  • After shampooing,Should be wiped dry or damp hair because I was soaking wet. It make hair stretch faster.
  • Should not use comb, comb my hair curling  strictly prohibited. Because it makes wave hair is loosen spiral. If you really want to use comb, you should use a  tooth comb, or just use your fingers to comb you is enough.
  • Should not hair dryer is straight because the  curling is  fast spiral loosening. 
  • If you want your hair to look healthy, should be with serum or hair styling products for hair curling in particular.
Of course, you have beautiful hair curly and man turned look. Curly hairstyles look modern, sexy and charm for your new look.


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