How do you straighten your hair

Today we was super easy tips Introduction for how do you straighten your hair straight pretty. How do you straighten your hair, it is not difficult for you anymore. We request that you follow the most very simple steps to of how do you straighten your hair.

Hair straightening equipment.

  1. Hair straightening Cream.
  2. Tooth comb.
  3. Hairpin sponge.
  4. Brush is used for Hair straightening cream.
  5. Plastic gloves.

How do you straighten your hair.

1. After the shampooing is done. You have to wipe the the hair to dry. Then use tooth comb to hair divide it into four cluster. Roll each cluster of hair collected by the hairpin.

2. Buying products that are better suited to the hair and destroys the hair to a minimum. Despite having to pay more money to buy it. Because if the hair waste is need to waste of money haircare new and the hair will take some time over the original.

3. You have to wear plastic gloves. Then anoint hair prepared pellets cream  to make hair pellets open and hair straightening cream able to work fully. By dividing hair each cluster. Starting from neck and use flat brush. Anoint cream 1 cm away from the scalp by pulling hair taut, while into the cream.

4. After the Anoint hair prepared pellets cream done have to wait 15-20 minutes then wash off thoroughly. And use cloth to wipe to dry.

5. Now it is a step down hair straightener cream. Using a sponge brush to the hair. Starting from the origin and use finger pull to hair straight.

Let's take how do you straighten your hair suggested to follow it.


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