Solutions for oily hair

Oily hair can be caused by many reasons such as congenital imbalance of hormones, environment or use the product that is inappropriate for head. Most oily hair can be found in combination with the skin oily. May be found in pregnant women.  Oily hair cause hair loss.  Solutions for oily hair will help to care for oily hair.

Solutions for oily hair :

1. Wash your hair every day, at least one time with a mild shampoo. Is a shampoo for oily hair in particular. While wash your hair  should be leave to shampoo for 5 minutes before washing out. Do not use hot water wash your hair. Should wash your hair with plain water to avoid a Shampoo are written property that 2 in 1.

2. Do not need hair conditioner. If you have dry hair. Use hair conditioner only at the end of the hair.

3. Avoid products that make oily hair even more. Such as hair gel or a product that adds shine to hair.

4. Avoid brush your hair frequently because the hair brush to stimulate the scalp to produce more oil out.

5. If you very oily hair. May be mixed with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water or lemon juice. Wash hair final water time to wash your hair.

6. Time to wash your hair avoid to rubbing the scalp.

7. Avoid getting into the environment, climate change frequently. The hot and humid. It will make oily hair even more.

8. Reduce stress, find time to rest and relax because stress can affect overall health. And reduce the amount of blood to the scalp.

9. Eating the right proportions. Reduce eating oily food. Increase their intake of vitamin B, minerals such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, soy and legumes.

Solutions for oily hair will help you relieve stress from oily hair. Your hair will be healthier. Ask you to bring solutions for oily hair to use.


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