How to choose a hair color for you

Women enjoy and happy with fashion various hairstyle. Let's read tips on how to choose a hair color for you and hair care. Fashion hair color for women. If natural hair color is dark. Will helps your skin look radiant and younger looking down. This will also enhance the personality of a modern people. And add charm to the look.

How to choose a hair color for you.

1. How to choose a hair color determined by the skin color such as white, all shades are available as needed. But should avoid black or very dark.

2. Tanned skin or dark skin color. Should use a hair color lighter than , hair color natural levels 1-2. Shades of brown, gold, brown or blonde gives a bright face.

3. Avoid the purple and red hair color because it makes your face look darker. Important to choose a brand, product quality and reliability. Care after coloring.

4. Hair products should have nutrients in the cream. And have treatment maintenance to provide hair care during and after the hair color.

5. Should be curling or straightening hair before coloring it about 1-2 weeks.

6. Hair care by regular maintenance treatments with at least one time per week. Or spa hair and serum hair spray on a regular basis. Hair is pretty healthy for a long stay with us.

Can be a trick good already. Have fun with fashion, hair color transformation. But remember to choose how to choose a hair color for you.


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